Local Phoenix rapper faces charges due to racial profiling

Local Phoenix rapper faces charges due to racial profiling

On May 31st 2019 at approximately 5 in the morning, local Phoenix rapper, Jessahn Abernathy, otherwise known as Jalopy Bungus and his friend, Guadalupe, were confronted by a Glendale police officer while walking down 67th avenue and Ocotillo in Glendale, Ariz.

Guadalupe went to visit her friend Jessahn after working the graveyard shift. Her and Jessahn walked around his neighbor hood early in the morning. They were approached by multiple neighbors that were notifying them that there were policemen circling the premises because of an armed robbery that had happened in the same neighborhood. Knowing they weren’t doing anything wrong, Jessahn and Guadulupe kept walking.

After a brief disagreement between the two of them, Guadalupe began to walk away from Jessahn to cool off which is when a police officer showed up. “The cop shows up, pulls up to the curb really aggressively and gets out really fast” said Guadlaupe “I saw that right away the cop was being aggressive with Jessahn”.

While being aggressive with Jessahn, Guadalupe said that she noticed the officer reach for his gun twice “I was mad and I was scared, mainly scared, because I didn’t want him to get shot or anything”.

The Glendale officer began to pull Jessahn's arm back while he was laying on his stomach and Guadalupe got nervous and pushed the officer off of Jessahn. That is when the policeman swung his arm around and punched Guadalupe in the face.

Jessahn is now facing two charges, one count of resist arrest-physical force and one count of disorderly conduct-fighting.

Jessahn is an established rapper in the music scene in Arizona and is known to use his platform to bring awareness to social injustice issues.

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